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Most successful people have something in common. They love what they do. You won't find rich and successful people who hate what they do.


Each of us is incomparable, with unique talents and gifts. It is something that is embedded in each of us, a combination of energy patterns that lead to a natural relationship for certain problems in life, certain ways of being.

 One of the most important tasks in your life is to discover these talents and gifts in yourself. This is the recognition of what you have brought into your creation. For example, suppose you received a hammer without knowing how to use that tool. Stay with me now: this is an over-simplification of an extremely important aspect of your truth. You are presented with nails, but you use the wrong end of the hammer.

You may not see any success in completing your nail biting task. You have the tools, but you don't have the knowledge to use them correctly. How can we manage our lives without understanding the many tools that can be used and their applications? You can even experience a moment of enlightened clarity. We can all relate to finally understanding something that bothered us.

Wouldn't it be nice if someone shared the essential information in advance, before going through the frustration and maybe giving up? Realizing your own strengths and talents is crucial for later steps in life. When you take them off, they become more real to you when you are not used to thinking about them.

Understanding your strengths and special abilities should enable you to write them down in just a few sentences without thinking too much about the procedure. If you're not sure, or really have no idea, here are some tips to help you describe it:

Remember your childhood:

 What toys did you like to play with?  What fascinated you?  What was your favorite game to play?  What gifts did you want to receive for your birthday and Christmas?  What did you want to be in your future?

Ask your closest friends:

Let people know that you want to reevaluate their talents and that you need a realistic opinion about them.

Ask people you know to be 100% honest with you. Take another look at you and ask them to mask your professional activity. keep it personal.

 What do your acquaintances think you are good at?
 What do you think your talents are?
 What are they asking you to do with your life?

Ask yourself a few questions

Take a notebook and read these apps. Be sure to open your mind and let these questions set in your imagination. Do not take these questions too seriously, play with them and also write about what happens spontaneously. Sometimes these are the most basic answers.

These questions are set up to get your awareness out of the normal way of thinking. The most reliable solutions are always outside the normal range of thought. Remember that your mind is part of the collective consciousness. Therefore you have access to all information. Your mind is connected to the infinite source of the entire cosmos.

 What would you do if you had enough income to never go back to work?

 What were your ambitions when you were younger?  What do you think is impossible for you to achieve?  What Would You Do If You Had $ 5 Million?  What would you do if it was the moment of doom? What do you do when you can't bomb  What are your specialties and talents?  Do you have a wish but don't know how to satisfy it?  What do you like most about other people?  What would your ideal lifestyle be?  What does success mean to you?  What really makes you happy?  How's a perfect day for you?  What would you do if there were no limits?  Why would you be valued and recognized?  Where do you see your life in 10 years?  If you were immortal, what would you do with yours?
 What needs to be changed to make this earth a better earth?  What are you proud of?  What do you want to achieve this year?  What would you do differently if you could start over?

 When you discover your strengths and talents, build your basement first. It is your foundation. It is like the ground from which a strong and beautiful tree can grow. It offers you your unique potential.

It is the only dowry that accompanied you during your birth. This is where you will be asked to maintain it until it is substantial enough to guide you through your life. Don't waste time chasing after someone else's ambitions or purposes, or something that has not been given to you that you cannot claim as your own. Use the gifts you received or purchased along the way.

You might be really good at something, but you will never find true, lasting happiness with it if you cannot completely own it. Use the tools you are familiar with. Try to find a way to go deep inside yourself. It's your life and you deserve it!