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At some point in your life you will wonder why others are so successful with money when you are not. Depending on how you look closely, you have a lot of answers.

What is holding you back

Sound like something you're thinking of?  You are simply more successful than me. You have a better education than me. You were born into a wealthy family. You are white and have more options than me. You already had the income to start a business. They already had the income to invest in real estate. You are smarter than me. You're more young than me. You look better than me. You probably work harder than me

The list will likely continue to fill many pages. Money is the most popular topic, followed by relationships. You may not understand this yet, but your ideas are the blueprint for your reality.

If you knew would you make one from the list above? Probably not because these ideas are not very favorable. These beliefs create a truth that enables you to "play dumb" and stay where you are.

You are not improving your life at all. Why do we even produce these terms when we understand that they are not constructive at all? The answer lies in the nature of our consciousness. Most of us have been told that there is a universe there, and that universe determines our truth. It's the common idea that life happens to us.

Most of us have these ideas several times a day. The result is that our consciousness is shaped with the same message every day. The message with the same phrase as always.

Meanwhile, as adults, we are not even aware that our life "as is" is based on a concept. It becomes a fundamental reality that we test ourselves at any time.

How do we get out of this dilemma? We have to step back and see our ideas. Take a piece of paper and a pencil and write down any ideas you have about the income. Do not overthink, be spontaneous.

When you go crazy, think about what other people have got on money. Then mark each term with an "I" or an "S" depending on whether the term is impractical or inexpensive. Inconvenient ideas do not support wealth production, while supportive concepts do.

Now go through your list and count all favorable and unfavorable terms. What's your score How many uncomfortable ideas do you have and how many supportive ideas do you have? Realize that not all annoying terms aid wealth production. Now take a new piece of paper and come up with concepts that will bring out exactly the wealth that you would like. When you're done with the list, review each of your new concepts and create a mental picture. Press and hold this image for at least ten to twenty seconds.

It may take a little practice, but every time you do it it will improve. Do this exercise in a calm, relaxed environment as you can retain these concepts in your mind. Remember, terms are the blueprint for what is about to manifest in your life. With a little preparation, you can take the next step where you can feel your imagination. Feel like these new terms promoting what you really want to create have really become a reality.

 How does it feel to be a millionaire?  How does it feel to have a lot in your life?  How does it feel to have more income than you can?
 How does it feel to give something to other people?  How does it feel to buy something without having to see it?
the price?

Whenever you think or say an uncomfortable belief in money, stop what you are doing. Go back to the place in your head where you invoke and connect with one of your intentionally created income beliefs. The more you accomplish this, the more you train your brain to think in new ways that lead to a rich and supportive life.