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First, let me admit that I've screwed it up before. I had these moments where I was totally stressed out about how I was going to pay the bills that were really late! I've also had times when I had more than enough income to pay all of my bills, buy boats and cars, and take long vacations. I had both experiences in a couple of weeks. I will explain quite simply what I did to realign myself and make more than enough and more income.

Believe it

Draw the line in the sand. Come choose. From then on, you will earn more income and build structures and habits that will support new and improved levels of wealth. You have to defend it. You have to thirst for change. You have to be sure that you can do it. Although he fears that this time he will not differ from the others, he made this choice.

Now you are going to take some steps that will not allow you to escape on your own. Now do a little effort to lean on the larger goal. What exactly do you want to be different? If you want more income, how much and how often? Do you want ten thousand more this year or every month? Would you like your business to make an extra million or an extra net million? When? This month? This year? For next year? You have to choose, or it will be one of those "sometime" things.

If a crowd seems out of reach, reduce it. If the amount you selected is not enough and you still want more income, increase it. Most of all, any amount of money you choose means what it says. It's very simple, but this is where most people fall and the rest of their efforts don't pay off. And one more thing: It is nobody's business which numbers you choose. Some people judge their numbers to be too small or too large based on their own lives.

As long as you feel steadfast in your choices and not complaining about yourself, go ahead! What are you going to spend the money on? Again, this is your money and you need to be emotionally attached to it. Where should it go? When you want to pay off a debt, create a plan for how you want to do it, and then choose where you want the money to go when the debt is paid. Now you have the origins of a plan. It was easy right? If you plan to save income, how much and where? You may need to use a little imagination and research to perfect this step. If you want to grow your business with some of this extra money, additional planning may be required, but it is very dynamic.

This euphoria will help you be on your way to success. Now clarify and write how you will feel when you are done. I agree with some of you that this step will seem like a waste. Do not skip this step. You have to make this goal so real in your brain and heart that you will run to more wealth and not go. This step is fundamental in both engineering and the law of attraction. Create specific actions and habits that you will now use to aid this goal of greater wealth. You may only need a few actions. It's not rocket science.

For some of you, it might just be about responsibility. You know what to do. For some of you, it may be about building a whole new relationship with income. I know some of you may have to quit your jobs or remove or add new team members. Yes, you may fear some of the things on your list, but will you be happy when you do? If the answer is yes, keep it on your list. Divide large stocks into small steps to make them digestible.

 Inspirational action. Many of you have heard it a million times, but you haven't used it yet. Are you taking any action that speaks to you? Is this someone else's "should" or is it really something that you have chosen to do? Your intuition speaks to you. You hear? Who will support you? Have you invested enough to achieve this goal? Even if you don't believe there are signs of improvement over time, do you think you will be successful? Who is helping you in a way that really works for you? Consistency is the key. If you really want more money in your bank account and wallet, print it out and follow the steps within the next twenty-four hours. This entire process can take an hour or two. Are you passionate about getting rich? It's not about "if" you will be more successful, but about "when".


Let's put together everything you've learned. Understand that achieving your ambitions is your goal in life. You will exercise your strengths and gifts to contribute to the good of all. Understand that it is your destiny to make your dreams come true.

Never give anyone permission to take this mighty power away from you. Decide what you want in life. This can change in the course of your life. Therefore, evaluate your goals and ambitions from time to time. Align with your long term goals and adjust your short term goals. Understand your strengths, gifts, and talents. Also understand your weak points, exercise your strengths and let others help you with your weak points. Did you consider a mentor? Know that you have unlimited attention. Decide where you want to get your attention.

Limit the areas where you lose your attention. Raise the areas where you want results. Use your imagination. Imagine what it feels like to have achieved your goals. Imagine how you feel when you live out your ambitions. Think about your beliefs. Your beliefs create reality. Replace unsupported beliefs with beliefs that validate your goals and ambitions. Create powerful intentions that define your ambitions in life. Realize that what you have in your conscience is causing similar circumstances in your life.