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Marketing Plan Development and Execution

Like it or not, you usually have to spend time marketing your property in order to sell it. What is Marketing Marketing creates a strategy on how to sell an item. Research, promotion, advertising and distribution are part of marketing.

 Find out about your local market and the prices at which comparable products are sold. You need to know the pulse of the market throughout the selling process, which can take months. This is important because you can be in negotiations for a long time. If you know the current situation with your property, you can make informed negotiating decisions.

 Advertising is needed to bring together a large group of interested buyers. If there are many parties looking to buy your property, you can potentially start a bidding war that will drive up the sale price. How should it be announced? Take advantage of all your promotional materials such as newspapers, word of mouth, flyers, targeted mailings, special sales brochures and the Internet. The Internet is one of the most effective forms of marketing.

 There are many real estate investment websites where you can list your property with pictures. A complete marketing campaign includes these online marketing tools. Find a place with lots of traffic and add flattering photos of the interior and exterior of your property. You can add a virtual tour.